For technical and formulation specifications, please review the following data sheets. To request a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), please contact Customer Service at 877-215-2795 / Email Customer Service.

Personal Care Products

Elevance Smooth CS-110
Elevance Soft CG-100
Elevance Soft CE-1213
Elevance Soft CE-1500

Personal Care Formulation Sheets

ERS-1001 Pomade
ERS-1002 Lotion
ERS-1003 Cosmetics
ERS-1004 Pomade
ERS-1005 Leave In Conditioner
ERS-1006 Hair Wax
ERS-1007 Frizz Control Pomade
ERS-1008 Body Lotion
ERS-1009 Cold Process Body Milk
ERS-1010 Combing Cream
ERS-1011 Pomade
ERS-1012 Make up Primer
ERS-1013 Si-free Protective Lip Balm
ERS-1014 Si-free Hand Cream
ERS-1015 Si-free Lotion
ERS-1016 Si-free Everyday Body Lotion
ERS-1017 Si-free SPF Facial Cream
ERS-1021 Si-free Light Hold Styling Wax
ERS-1024 Moisturizing Hand Cream
ERS-1025 Light and Easy Pomade
ERS-1026 Light Facial Moisturizer
ERS-1027 Classic Concealer

Inherent™ Products

Elevance Inherent™ C18 Diacid

NatureWax® Products

C-1 Container Wax
C-1 Container Wax Flake
C-3 Container Wax
C-3 Container Wax Flake
97° MP Soy Base Stock
110° MP Palm Base Stock
S-113 Soy Base Stock 113° MP
S-113 Base Stock Flake 113°
SC-117 Soy/Cotton Base Stock
S-118 Soy Base Stock 118° MP
123° MP Soy/Cotton Base Stock Flake
S-130 Soy Base Stock 130° MP
130° MP Soy Base Stock Flake
140° MP Palm Base Stock
155° MP Soy Base Stock
Liquid RBD Soy Base Stock
X-155 Base Stock 155° MP
X-155 Base Stock 155° MP w/ 2 ppm MS
Liquid High Stability Soy Base Stock
Elite-200 Container Wax (Pkgd)
Elite-200 Container Wax (Bulk)
Elite-300 Pillar Wax (Pkgd)
Elite-300 Pillar Wax (Bulk)
Feathering Palm Wax

NatureWax® Products for Export (Heat-treated Pallets)

C-1 Container Wax Flake
C-3 Container Wax Flake