Renewicals™. Join us.

Specialty chemicals can be better. They can perform better, making the products that industry and consumers use every day better—and we can do this with renewable feedstocks using processes with smaller environmental footprints.

Renewicals™ are a breakthrough category of novel products, building blocks and ingredients that enable enhanced performance impossible until now.

Elevance is encouraging industry to join us to develop sustainable products that perform better than current alternatives.

Renewicals™ mark a paradigm shift in the way companies are addressing industry and consumer demand for improved performance and sustainability. They are made possible by renewable feedstocks and sustainable advanced manufacturing processes, leaving a smaller environmental footprint and delivering better performance than either traditional petrochemicals or bio-based chemicals.

The first Renewicals are here. Elevance’s Inherent™ renewable building blocks and Elevance Ingredients deliver functionality and performance that were not possible before — from renewable feedstocks and environmentally friendly advanced manufacturing processes.

Elevance Renewable Sciences is leading the movement toward Renewicals by creating sustainable, high-performance specialty chemicals that will enable more rewarding and sustainable lifestyles.

Our customers and partners are taking advantage of this to do the same in downstream products. This is a reality for industry today and promises an exciting and more sustainable future for everyone. Join us.

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