Elevance Soft

Elevance Soft, a line of plant-based emollients, can be used in a wide range of personal care applications, including skin, hair and cosmetic products.

Elevance Soft ingredients:

  • Include a broad range of liquid and semi-solid emollients
  • Provide an elegant sensory feel from a plant-based alternative to silicone-based and petrochemical-based emollients
  • Enable customers to achieve the same sensory feel provided by silicone or petrochemical emollients but from naturally based ingredients

Elevance Soft CG-100 is a 100 percent renewable, plant-based material. The compatibility and performance of the Elevance personal care ingredients allow formulations to be free from PEG, paraben, petrolatum and silicone.

Elevance Soft CG-100

  • Soft, low-melting gel
  • Richness of petroleum-based emollients without the heaviness or stickiness
  • Semi-occlusive
  • Provides increased gloss in skin care applications and increased shine and frizz control for hair products
  • Provides increased shine and frizz control for hair products
  • Easy to use in a wide range of formulations, including cold preparations