Elevance Smooth

Elevance Smooth, a line of plant-based, multi-functional polymers, can be used in a wide range of personal care applications, including skin, hair and cosmetic products.

Elevance Smooth ingredients:

  • Are polymers that can provide structurant, thickener and film-former functionality
  • Enable formulators to use a single ingredient in chassis across their personal care product portfolio, simplifying formulation, product lines and business/supply chain complexity
  • Are compatible with a broad number of other ingredients used in personal care applications, including both silicone and silicone-free systems

Elevance Smooth CS-110 is a 100 percent renewable, plant-based material. The compatibility and performance of the Elevance personal care ingredients allow formulations to be free from PEG, paraben, petrolatum and silicone.

Elevance Smooth CS-110

  • Low-melt-point, non-crystalline polymer
  • Functions as a semi-occlusive film former, structurant in aqueous and non-aqueous formulations, and can modify texture in a wide range of personal care products
  • Provides a smooth, dry feel with no greasy residue
  • Easy to use in a wide range of formulations