Consumer and Industrial Ingredients Platform

  • Currently targeted consumer ingredients and intermediates segments are a very large and growing market.
  • Strong consumer drivers and petroleum-based supply-chain issues create a need for new alternatives.
  • Our NatureWax® products currently hold the major share of the growing soy/vegetable candle wax market.

Performance Waxes and Candles

Elevance’s waxes are used in candles, polishes and coatings as an alternative to raw materials with supply problems and performance limitations such as paraffin, beeswax and carnuba.

Personal Care Products

Our modified triglycerides, novel esters and olefins provide naturally derived personal care ingredients with excellent sensory aesthetics and performance. Our innovations are expanding sustainable and renewable product offerings enabling personal care customers to provide unique products and performance in skin, hair and cosmetic applications to meet changing market trends and needs and improve their business results.

Detergents, Cleaners and Solvents

Elevance’s alpha and internal olefins, oleochemicals, modified triglycerides and novel esters provide renewable-based functionality for raw materials for surfactants, solvents and emulsions.


Mid chain fatty acids are known to have antimicrobial efficacy. Elevance offers a novel route to manufacture mid chain fatty acids that also have the additional olefin functionality allowing the manufacture unique derivatives for added performance.