Elevance Renewable Sciences, XiMo AG Announce Significant Advancements in Technology for Metathesizing Natural Oils

Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc., a producer of high-performance renewable specialty chemicals, and XiMo AG, a company focused on the development and application of proprietary metathesis catalysts, today announced significant progress in the development of new technology for metathesizing natural oils and derivatives using Molybdenum-based catalysts.

Elevance and XiMo began working together in January 2011 on Molybdenum-catalyzed metathesis of natural oil esters. Under the collaboration XiMo and Elevance researchers tested more than 40 catalysts using several natural oil feedstocks under various conditions to evaluate their efficiency.

They have carried out successful demonstrations that make the Molybdenum-catalyzed metathesis of natural oil esters commercially competitive.

“Elevance is pleased with our XiMo partnership and of our advancements achieved to date,” said K’Lynne Johnson, CEO of Elevance. “The addition of XiMo’s catalysts to our existing portfolio of metathesis catalysts will expand Elevance’s capabilities, providing additional technology for our biorefineries.” “Our partnership with Elevance has been extremely productive and we are proud of the progress we have made in research as we develop technologies to enhance renewable products,” said Georg Frater, COO of XiMo.

About Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc.

Headquartered in Woodridge, Ill., Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc. creates novel specialty chemicals from natural oils for use in personal care products, detergents and cleaners, lubricants and additives, engineered polymers, and other specialty chemicals markets. Commercial shipments from the company’s first biorefinery, a 180,000 MT joint venture with Wilmar International Limited located in Gresik, Indonesia, began in 2013. The biorefinery is the first based on Elevance’s proprietary metathesis technology with a Natchez, Miss., biorefinery scheduled to be the second biorefinery with a capacity of 280,000 MT. To learn more, visit www.elevance.com or www.renewicals.com.

About XiMo

XiMo AG is a Swiss-based company focused on the development and application of proprietary metathesis catalysts for use in the specialty chemical, agro chemical, renewables, pharmaceutical, flavors and fragrances, polymers and advanced materials sectors. The company’s molybdenum and tungsten catalysts are based on the breakthrough scientific research of founders Amir H. Hoveyda, Patricia and Joseph T. Vanderslice Millennium Professor of Chemistry at Boston College, and Richard R. Schrock, Frederick G. Keyes Professor of Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, co-winner of the 2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. XiMo partners with leading companies, providing access to its intellectual property and technical expertise, to solve important industrial chemistry problems and to enable development of novel molecules and materials.


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