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We produce multiple high-value chemicals using a portfolio of industrial assets and toll manufacturing options to enable a balance of flexibility and commercial scale production for commercial and developmental products.

Manufacturing Plant

Elevance's low-pressure, low-temperature process uses innovations in metathesis catalysis that consume significantly less energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent compared to typical petrochemical technologies. A highly efficient, selective metathesis catalyst is used to break down complex natural oils and recombine fragments, resulting in a process with lower source pollution, production costs and capital expenditures than petrochemical facilities.

Through this process, we create novel chemical building blocks and deliver category-changing performance. Our process generates renewable, linear C10+ alpha and internal olefins along with high-value, di-functional specialty chemicals such as 9-decenoic acid methyl ester. Additionally, our contract and toll manufacturing options enable production of additional specialty products, including derivatives of our biorefinery products as well as novel renewable waxes, oligomers and polymers.

Elevance and Wilmar International Limited formed a joint venture that owns and operates a world-scale biorefinery in Gresik, Indonesia, based on Elevance's proprietary metathesis technology. The 180 kMT (~400 million pounds) per year commercial-scale manufacturing facility is located within the Wilmar Gresik oleochemical complex and operates using refined palm oil and palm olein. Product tankage and full marine access as well as proximity to container ports enable us to satisfy demand in drums, iso-containers, flexibags and bulk around the world directly from our facility.

The Wilmar International Limited Gresik facility is found to be in compliance with the RSPO Supply Chain Certification Systems. This guarantees that the criteria for purchasing and processing RBD palm oil and selling m-Tag (Metathesized Trigylcerides) and olefin with implementation of Mass Balance Supply Chain Certification Systems has been met.


Elevance Lubricants and Additives

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