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We deliver and enable high-performance specialty chemicals that meet critical industry needs and trends. These products are helping the industry move beyond petrochemicals to something that is better, a new generation of chemistry with a smaller environmental footprint.

Today, Elevance is commercially supplying partners with better-performing, cost-competitive renewable alternatives to petrochemicals across multiple industries. Our specialty chemicals enable:

  • Detergents to be more concentrated and clean better in cold water;
  • Improved solvency for better hard surface cleaners;
  • Higher performing paints with lower VOC emissions;
  • Unique monomers for bio-based polymers and engineered plastics, including long-chain polyamides, polyurethanes and polyesters; and
  • Bio-based, renewable oilfield chemicals that contain no petroleum-based solvents.

Our next-generation technology unlocks nature's bounty, creating high-performing, environmentally friendly solutions using locally available renewable feedstocks, making Elevance the leader in transforming natural renewable plant-based oils into green, cleantech solutions for commercial applications.

With Nobel Prize-winning olefin metathesis catalytic methods and patent-protected technologies, our natural oil compounds are synthesized with greater efficiency, offering superior performance at a lower cost and using less energy to produce than fossil-based oils.

Discover a better future

Learn about our Nobel Prize-winning and patent-protected technologies that enable superior performance at a lower cost while using less energy to produce than fossil-based oils.

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