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At Elevance, we have developed high-performance and sustainable products that are taking performance to new levels.

Our materials and commercial products support a broad customer base ranging from chemical intermediate consumers to formulators.

Read on to learn about our materials and products:

Elevance Clean® 1000 is a high-performing, bio-based cleaning ingredient that reduces uncertainty in price and supply for d-limonene buyers and is proven to boost performance of d-limonene formulations, especially those used in asphalt/tar removal and degreasing applications. Easily blended into d-limonene formulas, Elevance Clean® 1000 provides a powerful option to manage the increasing prices of d-limonene caused by supply constraints and strong demand. As a true bio-based ingredient alternative to d-limonene, Elevance Clean® 1000 is listed on the TSCA inventory; has been reviewed by EPA’s Safer Choice program and qualifies for use in Safer Choice-labeled products; is readily biodegradable; and provides an improved HSE profile for d-limonene formulations.

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Elevance Clean® 1200 is a superior-performing degreasing and VOC-exempt cleaning ingredient that outperforms traditional and bio-based solvents and surfactants. It's suitable for a wide range of industrial degreasing applications including heavy manufacturing, transportation maintenance and repair operations (MRO), oil and gas, textile, metal cleaning, and industrial food processing. This innovative, bio-based solution can be used in aqueous and organic solutions for a variety of industrial degreasing applications where superior performance and an improved environmental and safer profile is desired. The Elevance Clean® 1200 product line is VOC-exempt; TSCA-listed and REACh-registered; California ARB LVP VOC; readily biodegradable; non-flammable; listed in the USDA BioPreferred® catalogue; reviewed by EPA’s Safer Choice program and qualifies for use in Safer Choice-labeled products; certified as a cleaning ingredient by NSF for non-food contact applications; and free of components listed EU Dangerous Substances Directive.

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Elevance Unify® 270 coalescing agent is a high-performing coalescing agent for waterborne coatings and is designed as a lower VOC replacement to high-VOC coalescing agents for architectural, industrial and special purpose coatings. This high-performing coalescing agent lowers VOC emissions while maintaining film performance, offering formulators increased flexibility during reformulation. With its unique molecular structure — a medium chain length unsaturated alkyl ester — Elevance Unify® 270 is creating new performance possibilities as a coalescing agent in waterborne paints and coatings.

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Elevance HFS is a high performing, hydraulic fracturing fluid ingredient, which can be a cost- effective substitute to citrus solvent d-limonene for many hydraulic fracturing applications. In independent laboratory tests, where Elevance HFS™ was blended into hydraulic fracturing fluids and compared to d-limonene- based fluid, Elevance HFS™ clearly matched or outperformed the d-limonene- based fluids in enhancing the productivity of oil and gas wells. Elevance HFS™ provides a powerful option to help manage the volatile market and price of d- limonene caused by supply constraints and strong demand. It is bio-based, biodegradable and TSCA listed with a superior HSE profile compared to d-limonene.

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Our plant-based emollients are designed for use in a wide range of personal care applications, including lotions and creams; sunscreens; cosmetics, such as liquid foundation and mascara; and hair care products, such as styling gels and pomades. All are designed to bring your formulations an elegant sensory feel equal to that of silicone or petrochemical emollients, but from naturally based ingredients. A broad range of liquid and semi-solid emollients are available.

Elevance Soft CG-100 is a soft, low-melting gel that provides increased gloss in skin care applications, improved shine and frizz control in hair products, and is suitable for a wide range of formulations, including cold preparations such as skin lotions, cosmetics and hair styling products.

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Now your formulations can use a single plant-based ingredient in chassis across your personal care product portfolio. Our multi-functional polymers provide structurant, thickener and film-former functionality, and are ideal for skin and hair care products and color cosmetics. Elevance Smooth products are compatible with a wide variety of other ingredients used in personal care.

Elevance Smooth CS-110 is a low-melt-point, non-crystalline polymer that serves as a semi-occlusive film former, structurant in aqueous and non-aqueous formulations. It offers a smooth, dry feel with no greasy residue.

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Inherent® C18 Diacid is a mid-chain diacid that allows the production of novel polymers and polymer systems, providing a variety of chemistry options of particular interest in polymers, coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers. This specialty diacid is bringing improved performance to a wide range of markets from sporting goods to medical to automotive.

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Inherent® Renewable Building Blocks

Our Inherent® renewable building blocks are key enablers used to create differentiated, high-performance solutions in a broad range of markets and applications.

  • Inherent® C10 Methyl Ester is a di-functional 10-carbon chain ester with terminal olefin produced from renewable oil feedstock for use in production of high-value performance chemicals and derivatives.
  • Inherent® C12 Methyl Ester is a di-functional 12-carbon chain ester with internal olefin produced from renewable oil feedstock for use in production of high-value performance chemicals and derivatives.
  • Elevance Modified Triglycerides (mTAG) represent novel oils containing shortened, unsaturated chains. Palm oil and other vegetable feedstocks are converted from long-chain to medium-chain oil compositions, enabling a wholly different set of chemical and physical properties for the oil. Such oils are amenable to use “as is”, as is done with other oils, or can be further processed to yield unsaturated versions of existing saturated mid-chain oleochemicals.
  • Inherent® C10+ Renewable Olefin is a 10-18-carbon chain mixed alpha and internal olefins produced from renewable oil feedstock for use in production of high-value performance chemicals.


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