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Engineering Polymers and Coatings

Our ability to create renewable products with novel performance characteristics is of significant interest to the marketplace. We have a variety of products that vary in saturation, chain length and symmetry that offer unique functionalities, along with materials that can be easily derivatized into new molecules. Our chemistries deliver a diverse range of properties, including exceptional solvent resistance and extreme toughness, often with environmental profile benefits such as low-to-no VOC.

Elevance's Inherent® renewable building blocks are di-functional specialty chemicals that are advancing innovation in the plastics and coatings industry. We are making it possible for high-performance polymers used in durable goods to be made from a broad number of renewable oil feedstocks.

Inherent® products enable our customers to:

  • Grow businesses using renewable feedstocks and monomers with novel functionality
  • Expand portfolios with products that deliver differentiated performance
  • Diversify raw material supply chains while achieving sustainability goals

Inherent® C18 Diacid

Our Inherent® C18 Diacid expands options for manufacturers of specialty polyamides, polyester polyols for polyurethanes and polyesters. It allows the production of other novel chemistries, providing a variety of options of particular interest in engineered polymers, coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers.

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At Elevance, we're transforming renewable oils into innovative products that outperform petrochemicals, enabling remarkable solutions and products that are available today. Learn more about what they can do for your business.

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