Get a cleaner clean with Elevance Clean 1200

Elevance Clean® 1200

At last. Clean without sacrifice.

The superior industrial degreasing performance you need, from a safer and VOC-exempt cleaning ingredient that provides supply and price stability your business can count on. That's Elevance Clean® 1200.

No other cleaning ingredient—conventional or bio-based—offers the proven degreasing speed and effectiveness AND the safety profile of Elevance Clean® 1200. It is VOC exempt and safer to use, so you can regain and grow business in your key markets.

Elevance Clean® 1200 is designed for—and proven to excel in—a broad range of aqueous- and organic-based systems while being used in neutral pH (6-9) formulations and applications in the heavy manufacturing, transportation MRO (maintenance and repair operations), oil and gas, metal cleaning, textile, and industrial food processing markets.

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Better for your business.

You know how critical it is to balance degreasing performance with material compatibility.

Elevance Clean® 1200 is proven safe for aviation-grade aluminum and other key alloys, including galvanized steel, stainless steel and clad aluminum. In addition, it enables degreasing more effectively and rapidly even in non-corrosive or neutral pH solutions, requiring less time in metal cleaning of greases across a range of traditional and bio-based solvents, compared to formulations containint aromatics, d-limonene, methyl soyate, mineral spirits, iso-parrafin and di-basic esters.

Performance advantages don't mean much if supply and price aren't reliable. With Elevance Clean® 1200, you have a high level of reliability. We manufacture from a proven and scaled-up platform technology, using large, local commodity crop sources not influenced by seasonality, weather or other hard-to-control variables. Our first plant is operating today with a capacity of 180KMT and a second plant with a capacity of 310KMTA is under construction to further bolster availability.

Elevance Clean® 1200 offers a compelling, complete solution—from performance to price stability and technical support—all building your business and competitive edge.

Superior Degreasing and Environmental Performance Charts

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Better for our world.

As environmental and VOC requirements become increasingly stringent globally and more solvents are appearing on the EPA Toxics Release inventory, Elevance Clean® 1200 meets the most restrictive environmental requirements including:

Elevance Clean 1200, better for our world
  • VOC exempt (40 CFR 59.203 – Standards for consumer products; Directive 2004/42/CE of the European Parliament and the Council)
  • TSCA listed and REACH registered
  • California ARB LVP VOC (CARB Method 310)
  • Readily biodegradable by OECD Method 301
  • Non-flammable (ASTM D-93) by OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.106
  • Free of components listed in the EU Dangerous Substances Directive (Regulation No. 1272/2008)
  • Listed in the USDA BioPreferred catalog with 69% bio-renewable carbon
  • Reviewed by EPA’s Safer Choice program and qualifies for use in Safer Choice-labeled products
  • Is NSF-certified as a cleaning ingredient for non-food contact applications

While traditional, bio-based solvents and surfactants have improved HSE (Health, Environment and Safety) profiles, they don't come close to the proven performance and speed-to-clean of Elevance Clean® 1200. Now you have improved performance and sustainability covered in one breakthrough product.

The Elevance Clean® 1200 product line consists of two products containing the same active material. Elevance Clean® 1200XA is a cleaning ingredient without added fragrance. Elevance Clean® 1200HT is Elevance Clean® 1200XA with fragrance added. The technical performance of both products is identical.

Elevance Clean® 1200 is also an example of our transformative approach to specialty chemicals, which includes collaborating to help you achieve your goals through innovation.

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