Elevance was founded on the premise that working together, we can commercialize the production of next generation, higher performing renewable chemicals to achieve a better planet for all.

We know that enabling the next generation of chemistry and replacing petrochemicals with a better performing, more sustainable solution must be done in collaboration with others. That is why we use a collaborative business model and look for opportunities to work with industry leaders to:

  • Leverage complementary assets and capabilities;
  • Accelerate time to market;
  • Reduce development investment and risk;
  • Create differentiated, better-performing sustainable solutions; and
  • Achieve ambitious business goals.

We invite others to partner with us and join a list of leading companies that have already done so, including:






Improve tomorrow, today

At Elevance, we're transforming renewable oils into innovative products that outperform petrochemicals, enabling remarkable solutions and products that are available today. Learn more about what they can do for your business.

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Improve tomorrow, today

Ready to take your career to the next level and be rewarded for your passion and performance? Then take a look at your opportunities with Elevance. With leading edge technology, a progressive work environment and a highly accomplished team, Elevance offers a chance to make a difference in the chemical industry.

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