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Headquartered in Woodridge, Illinois, USA, Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc. is a high-growth specialty chemical company that creates novel specialty chemicals that perform better from renewable feedstocks, making the products that industry and consumers use every day better.

We use a proprietary technology called olefin metathesis, delivering specialty chemicals that exceed the performance of existing products while leaving a smaller environmental footprint — for use in personal care products, detergents and cleaners, engineered polymers, and other specialty chemicals markets.

Our patented, Nobel Prize-winning metathesis catalyst technology transforms renewable oils into novel, high-performing specialty chemicals, renewable olefins and a premium mixture of oleochemicals.

Since the formation of Elevance in 2007, we have grown into one of the leading companies in biochemistry. Elevance began with a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy in 2004.

Since then, we have established an exceptional, consistent track record of progress, advancing the commercialization of novel chemicals.

We have built and now operate a 180,000 MT (approximately 400 million pounds) world-scale biorefinery in a joint venture with Wilmar International; established collaborations with leading chemical industry players in feedstocks, technology, manufacturing and markets; and commercialized a string of novel, high-performance products that include:

  • Elevance's Inherent® renewable building blocks;
  • Elevance Clean® cleaning ingredients;
  • Elevance Unify™ 270 coalescing agents;
  • Elevance Soft and Elevance Smooth personal care ingredients; and
  • Elevance HFS™ oilfield chemicals.

As a high-performance, renewable, collaboration-oriented business, we are in a unique market position in the $500 billion specialty chemical market.

We have an extensive portfolio of high-performance products targeted at meeting industry needs across these large market platforms:

The Elevance Bee

We take our lead from nature. That’s why we’ve chosen the bee as our symbol. The bee takes raw ingredients and repurposes them without depleting the source. Like the bee, we use nature’s own compounds to create something new. And just as the bee represents possibility and partnership, we are formulating a better tomorrow for our industry, our company, our partners’ brands and consumers’ lives. Naturally.


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Learn about our Nobel Prize-winning and patent-protected technologies that enable superior performance at a lower cost while using less energy to produce than fossil-based oils.

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