NO VOCs No sacrifice in performance.

Proven superior cleaning performance


High performance, without the supply issues of d‑limonene.


Until now, creating superior cleaning products that meet increasingly restrictive safety requirements called for d‑limonene—along with all its pricing and supply volatility. But now you have an alternative: new Elevance Clean® 1000. This naturally-derived cleaning ingredient easily formulates with d‑limonene to reduce d‑limonene dependence and provide price and supply stability, without impacting performance.

Especially suited to asphalt/tar removal and degreasing applications, Elevance Clean® 1000 delivers several key benefits for formulators:

  • High Kb value that exceeds d‑limonene
  • Easily formulated with d‑limonene because the HLB requirement of Elevance Clean® 1000 is 11–13, very similar to that of d‑limonene
  • Boosts performance when used with d‑limonene in formulations for asphalt/tar removal and degreasing
  • Performs as well or better than d‑limonene in traditional formulations—in fact, in the industry standard Gardner Cleaning test (ASTM D4488-95), Elevance Clean® 1000 has demonstrated 3x the performance of d‑limonene
  • Offers price stability, a large secure supply, and economy versus d‑limonene
  • Especially targeted for removing industrial greases, asphalt, tar, and bitumen
  • Outperforms d‑limonene at neutral pH, obviating the need for highly caustic cleaning products, and the need to preserve sensitive metal substrates

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power washer

Elevance Clean® 1000 brings new power to degreasing and asphalt/tar removal applications.