Consumer and Industrial

Consumer and Industrial Ingredients Platform

As the leader in transforming natural, renewable oils into high-performing specialty products and materials, Elevance is uniquely positioned to meet consumer demand in a market exceeding $100 billion annually in these segments:

Engineered Polymers
and Coatings

Engineered Polymers
and Coatings

Elevance's di-functional specialty chemicals are compelling, novel building blocks for a wide variety of engineered polymers and coatings. Elevance offers high-performance polymer and durable goods manufacturers attractive new material sourcing options and innovative performance-based solutions to expand their portfolios, supply chains and achieve sustainability goals.

  • Specialty polyamide, polyols & polyesters
  • Epoxies and polyurethanes
  • Coatings and cross linkers
and Additives

Lubricants and Additives Platform

Elevance’s Inherent™ bio-based lubricant base oils and additives enable improved performance for the fast growing synthetic lubricants market. Our molecularly identical drop-in fuels utilizing multiple renewable feedstocks can cost-effectively replace diesel and jet fuels. We are also developing high performance fuel additives using our unique Inherent™ product technology.